englisch Wild rhubarb

Wild rhubarb

Translator: Hans-Christian Oeser
Original title: Wilder Rhabarber (09/06/2008)
published in:
Sphärenmusik – Music of the Spheres – Ceol na Sféar
published in:
Die Sekunden danach
– enth. in: Die Sekunden danach


Wild rhubarb,
its leaves as large as shields,
tightly packed at the roadside,
the phalanx of the victors,
tautly funnelled, deep green pride,
not the slightest gap,
not a patch of ground unroofed

Wild rhubarb,
man-high right next to tarred tracks through the jungle,
at loggerheads, unrelenting thirst
so that not a single raindrop be lost,
not a single nettle on the ground,
least of all a daisy,
a marsh-marigold or dandelion
could survive here
amongst all the rank erectness of those stalks

Wild rhubarb,
the stems beneath engorged with water,
you almost feel like bending over and –
better not. In the shade of the leaves
in all likelihood there’s a bloodbath under way,
the stems are crackling and
sap drips heavily into those thirsty throats